Juliana Strangelove is rock music inspired by Americana-country legends, 90's hits, garage vibes and the greatest rock'n'roll bands in history. Juliana, with an amazing dark and low Contralto voice, is the most unique female vocalist you will encounter today.
'I tried to make them love me, but there is one twisted thing they would ask about my voice'... This song is about my talent show experience. Because of my range they started speculating about me not being a real woman. Here's what I had to show them. This DIY video features Russian drag queens Sindel, Dorianna Gray and Camilla Crazy-White.
Moscow Heterosexual Blues
Her song called Moscow Heterosexual Blues with a video featuring some cracking Russian ladyboys and drag queens probably got Putin in a lather.
Russian artist Juliana Strangelove is bringing classic rock back
"Russian artist Juliana Strangelove is bringing classic rock back.
New track Bourbon Street Bar is lo-fi, DIY and catchy as hell. Stripped back guitar, bass and drums backup Juliana's distorted voice. The overall effect is to make you feel as drunk as you might find yourself in the titular bar. Among the opening lines is the declaration is that "everyone one is wasted as my life" which pretty much sums it up.
A truly unique songwriter, Juliana is already quite well known across the continent. We think the UK will love her too."
This is what York Calling wrote about our most succesful single so far, Bourbon Street Bar. The song was reviewed by numerous blogs worldwide and got featured on The Mike Rogers Showand The Rodney Bingenheimer Show.

Songs From The Shed, based in a former World War One billet in North Somerseth, England, has become world-renowned since it was set up in 2009, with almost 1,000 artists including KT Tunstall, Tim Minchin and yours truly performing acoustic sessions that are posted online.
Big Red Rocket
Juliana Strangelove - Songs From The Shed Session
Sofar Sounds is a global community of artists, fans and hosts coming together to create intimate live music shows in unique, secret settings in 400 cities around the world. In 2019 Juliana Strangelove recorded "To Amsterdam" at one of the Moscow shows.
Sofar Sounds
Juliana Strangelove performing "To Amsterdam" at Sofar Moscow on March 1, 2019